Like the Clouds, Like the Wind Now on YT

One of my very first posts at Conversations on Ghibli was about an anime called Like the Clouds, Like the Wind. It's an enjoyable TV-movie that's relatively unknown in the West, largely due to the lack of any available DVD with English subtitles. The DVD package shown above is from the Japanese version, which, to my disappointment, does not include subs.

Some time ago, a fansub copy appeared on the internet, and that was how I discovered it. The animation director for Kumo Kaze was Katsuya Kondo, one of the senior artists/animators at Studio Ghibli. Because of this, the film has often been confused for a Ghibli production.

If you haven't been able to watch Kumo Kaze before, now's your chance. I uploaded the movie to YouTube. The subtitles are included, so you can follow everything. I'll provide the first segment here, and you can follow the rest over at YT.

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MutedDragon said...

i watched this movie on youtube--love it btw. i just have a problem with distinguishing nonfiction and fiction. is the basic story line true? (a dynasty ends, but begins when the son of the deceased emperoer of the dead dynasty reclaims the throne?) lovely movie regardless of the truth factor. i love the spunky Ginga.

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