YouTube Shuts Down Anne Shirley

Great. Just great. It seems that YouTube has just shut down all of the Akage no Anne episodes on its site. What a pack of jerks.

This issue always rears its ugly head, and as much as I've tried to be diplomatic and fair about the whole issue, I'm frankly tired of it. The notion of copyrighted material on YouTube is self-evident. It's the very reason the site exists. We all know it, and YT especially knows it. They've promoted and drawn attention to copyrighted material on their home page countless times. They've built their site upon the appeal of catching old shows or clips you missed on the TV. They've built a fanbase by offering a forum for anything that cannot be found normally - like, oh, you know, foreign animation. And then the founders cashed out to Google for a king's ransom.

So it's a complete fraud to put on a face of "legality" and arbitrarily shut down videos like Anne of Green Gables. This series is not held under any domestic copyright. No company in North America holds the rights to the 1979 WMT series. And, clearly, there's no connection to any of the Canadian productions of Anne. You're not about to confuse this for the live-action version or the animated cartoon.

There's no damn excuse for this. It's a con-man's game. I have to assume that, eventually, the videos of Future Boy Conan and 3000 Leagues and Horus and all the rest willbe shut down. Again, nothing I've uploaded exists here in the States. Ifthat were so, then, obviously, I'd be pointing everyone towards the nearest retailer. We're all about supporting the scene, and promoting these great works. You'd think the suits at Google would understand this. You'd also think they'd be capable of telling the difference between an actress playing Anne Shirley and one of Yoshifumi Kondo's drawings.

You'd also think that exposure on YouTube would be a good thing; offering an outlet outside the normal channels - television, radio - to reach the public. The first thing I'd do is post something ofmine to YT. Clearly, you're more likely to pay for something once you actually know what it is. And you'd much rather watch it on your big-screen TV than a 400-pixel window.

What the hell is wrong with these people? It's always the same thing, the battle between the artists and the suits. So, anyway, that means no more Anne clips on this site.

Hey - lookit that! You can download the entire series and watch it at home! What a novel concept. See, Google, you didn't achieve anything. All you accomplished was the loss of a few more fans. Thanks for trying to be the gatekeepers and all, but we'll pass.

Once more, with feeling, class - "We can know for ourselves the beauty and cruelty of the world without the help of a giant tomb and its servants."


The GagaMan(n) said...

Darm, and I never got the time to sit and watch any of those. At least there's the downloads..

Anonymous said...

-"This series is not held under any domestic copyright. No company in North America holds the rights to the 1979 WMT series."-

Eventhough I think it is a shame fansubtitled series are being removed, I think it is understandeble. The internet is a global thing. Youtube can be viewed all over the world and there are rightholders outside the U.S. Let's hope the reason for the removal from youtube is because a
american distributer has bought the rights to the series

Dungeon Warden said...

You know there are other video sites besides YouTube. May I suggest That's the site John k uses after having similar problems with YouTube. I use it as well and it seems to be just as good as YouTube was before the take over by Google.