Deep Thought

I really should get around to that long-winded essay on Tales From Earthsea one of these days.

In answer to a reader's question on the subject, I just haven't had the energy to write my thoughts on the movie. I think it's dreadful, just bloody awful. Much like the Vikings-Eagles playoff game a couple weeks ago was a textbook lesson in rookie Quarterback vs veteran Quarterback, Gedo Senki lays bare the essential role of director. Goro Miyazaki had no experience whatsoever in making a movie, and, frankly, is showed.

This also brings up my second reason for my reluctance to talk about Goro's Earthsea movie. I simply don't wish to be overly critical. I do not wish to behave like some judgemental jerk. That's one of those personality traits I've worked to overcome in my lifetime, and I'm sure the more diligent readers will find ample examples here on the Ghibli blog. I would prefer to offer my opinions and insights more thoughtfully, without any degree of bitterness or partisan rancor.

I do promise to sit down and explain chapter and verse of what resonates with me about Earthsea. Until then, here's the short-short version: it stinks.

Needless to say, Goro is under tremendous pressure to deliver the goods on his second directoral feature.

Completely Unrelated Blog Post

The Minnesota Vikings are out of the playoffs. They crashed and burned once again. It's almost like clockwork. Ah, well.

I think I'm long overdue with having an internet connection at the apartment, so I'll make some phone calls this week and see when I can get plugged back in. The upside to that, naturally, is that I'll be able to blog more frequently here.

And, as always, a heartfelt thanks to everyone for visiting, commenting, and contributing. The Ghibli Blog couldn't be possible without you!

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