500 Posts

I see that Conversations on Ghibli has reached a special milestone - 500 posts! Congratulations to everyone who has followed my not-humble-enough blog these past three years. And congratulations to myself for actually getting off my duff to write.

To Celebrate, here's Papa Panda, from Panda Kopanda and Panda Kopanda and the Rainy Day Circus. I've really grown to love this guy, even though he looks really familiar. Doesn't he remind you of someone you know? Ehh.....probably not.


szy said...

Congratulations! Thank you for all the time you take to provide us, Ghibli suckers, with our daily dose :)

Keep up the great work. Gracias!

David Bernal said...

HUGE kongratz!
its soo awesome, thanks TONS for everything!
& love the cells and the panda post!! :)

Malik Ming said...

Hooray for Daniel! Your writings so far have been excellent.

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