Porco Rosso - Nintendo DS

Now this is just amazingly cool.

Owen Shepherd and Eli Curtz, from the UK games developer Traveller's Tales, created this little marvel in 2006, in which players reenact arial dogfights with the planes from Porco Rosso. This was done purely as a labor of love, and was never intended for commercial release, but you can see how fully fleshed out the game appears. They recreated the movie's planes in brilliant detail, and included scenery from the movie, including Gina's hotel.

I took these photos from Owen's page here, where he goes into finer detail on the Porco Rosso DS project. It reminds me vividly of a pair of great arial combat games on the Atari Lynx, Blue Lightning and Warbirds. I've long wondered why these type of videogames are no longer being made. Don't you miss those classic arcade-style games?


Doug said...

Now that's one Nintendo game I'd pay for - my kids are always bugging me to play and i've yet to be all that interested. But this game ...?

Chris said...

You know, Daniel, my life was fine and happy until you showed me this!

I . . . want . . . this!

Anonymous said...

my freshly three year old child requested watching porco rosso the other day, saying "me want to watch porco rosso, the best movie ever".


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