Babes in Toyland

Oh, no! I completely forgot about Looney Tunes last night! The reason is very simple - I was spending the night bashing away Babes in Toyland albums with Marcee. It's an easy way to kill time when you have a lot of energy to burn.

Man, oh man, I miss Babes in Toyland. They were nothing less than the greatest rock band ever. Here's the cover to their second album, the 1990 EP "To Mother." This album, naturally, is the greatest rock album ever. Loud, heavy, aggressive, full of sound and fury. The Babes were definitely more notorious than famous, but from where I was standing, that was a good thing. Love or hate, no one could walk away without having a strong opinion one way or the other.

Is the idea of women playing loud rock music still seen as a novelty? The culture has regressed since the 1990's. Now we're back to the mindless Barbie Dolls who become manufactured corporate products solely for their looks. And it's all a damned fraud. What's this I hear about not wearing the purity rings?


Anonymous said...

definitely, i never heard about this group, but Dani sent me many songs and those are very nice =) tnx baby!!!

and yes her screaming were very funny for me wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa heehehe

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Wow, I got the Marcee endorsement! Yay for me!! :P

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