Up Opens Today

As everybody is aware, Pixar's Up opens nationwide today. All of the reviews have been glowing, and it's going to be interesting to see where the scores settle on Rotten Tomatoes. A ranking in the high 90's is pretty much a given.

I plan on seeing the movie next weekend, once the next paycheck arrives. I'm actually pretty far behind in my movie watching. So perhaps I should just spend a whole Saturday getting caught up.

So, if any of you has seen Up, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section. And, of course, please be polite and avoid any spoilers.

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Malik Ming said...

I won't say anything really about the film (which I loved), but I do want to mention that there is an interesting parallel between the film and characteristics of Taoism, which I only recently learned about (thank you, Winnie the Pooh).

This may be one of Pixar's simplest films, from silly details (e.g. the title) to the cinematic techniques to the themes themselves. I can't really get into story details, but a perfect example is the scene of the house taking flight above the clouds. The simplicity of the score and the composition of the shots are pure Tao. The house and the balloons never take center stage, the emphasis being placed on the open sky to better highlight the house's insignificance...and the new found freedom of Carl Fredrickson.

I need to develop this a little more, in which case I'd post it on my blog. It will be much easier to discuss once more people have seen the film (and I've seen it again).

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