Behind the Scenes With Arrietty the Borrower

Courtesy of Catsuka and Daily Motion, Here is an excellent video from France that takes us behind the scenes at Studio Ghibli for the making of Arrietty the Borrower.  Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi goes discusses the movie in detail, which is thankfully left in its original Japanese language (subtitled into French).  We are brought into the production at Studio Ghibli, as the film is created under the supervision of Hayao Miyazaki, who assisted with the story's preparation and storyboards.  His role is that of mentor and supervisor, of teacher to the younger generaion of Ghibli animators and filmmakers.

Yonebayashi-san has worked at the studio for many years and he's paid his dues.  He appears to be quiet, humble, and thoughtful, and I'm glad that he's had such a great success in Japan with Arrietty.  Where will his future career evolve?  Will he become one of the pillars of Ghibli's next generation?  Can he achieve this level of success once he's completely on his own, free of Hayao Miyazaki's assistance?  And will today's Japanese audiences embrace Ghibli movies without the Miyazaki name?  These are all important questions, and this will be the challenge laid out before the younger staff.

For now, at least, that critical first goal has been met.  Arrietty became a blockbuster hit in Japan; the only domestic movies to break $100 at the Japanese box office all belong to Hayao Miyazaki - Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Ponyo.  His domination is truly something to behold.  And Ghibli may now be trapped in the expectation of reaching this nearly-impossible goal with every picture.  This may yet prove to be the studio's undoing.  For now, at least, Arrietty is continuing the momentum.


nagasasu said...

Thanks for the video! It was wonderful.

kikiorg said...

For others, the Arrietty stuff begins at 3:02 or so.

Would love an English translation! Or even synopsis!

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