Arrietty in France, Week #4 - Climbing the Charts

Arrietty the Borrower continues its strong run in theatres across France.  According to Box Office Mojo, week #4 saw Ghibli's latest climbing two spaces on the charts.  For the period of February 2-6, Arrietty takes fifth place with $799,226, a drop of 27.4% from the previous week (the slowest decline on the charts).  One movie screen has been added to the total of 270 screens.  The per-screen average of $2,960 is the fourth-highest total on the charts.

The grand total now stands at $5,935,421 - we are now within striking distance of Ponyo's $6.9 million gross in France.  That barrier will be easily smashed to pieces.  This is an amazing achievement for a Studio Ghibli movie not directed by Hayao Miyazaki.  This speaks volumes about the word-of-mouth support for Arrietty, as well as the support for Ghibli across France.  Yonebayashi-san has successfully jumped his latest hurdle, and this gives us hope for Arrietty's success in the UK and Australia later this year.


Hanna said...

Yay!!! Hopefully this will get disney thinking more about studio ghibli and not just Miyazaki.

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